Psychic Attack & Defense Workshop


We are constantly surrounded by and receptive to a variety of types of energy at all times and this energy can be negative and positive in nature. The negative energies that we experience can come from our own negative thoughts and emotions; other people’s emotions and physical symptoms; geopathic stresses from the natural and man-made environment around us; psychic attachment by people & spiritual entities; unintentional psychic attack or deliberate psychic attack (often fuelled by anger, jealousy, hatred etc).

This workshop will be facilitated by Janine Donnellan who is the founder of SOuL Searchers Centre for Paranormal Research & Investigation. Janine will explain what psychic protection is, why it is needed and how to recognise when it is needed. At this workshop you will be taught some effective cleansing and clearing routines plus techniques for cleansing and protecting your home and work place.

When: TBA