Cosmic Dragon Healing

The Dragon exists on so many different levels; spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. To many the Dragon is a celestial being that can take on a multitude of forms and energies and inhabits many dimensions throughout the cosmos. Dragons can be seen as beings of lightness and the darkness and beings of chaos and form, they are the matrix of the universe, and they are the sonic boom that created our universe. There are countless opinions and theories on what is a dragon, but only when you start to seek out the Dragon will you know what the dragon really means to you.

Cosmic Dragon Healing is a comprehensive healing system that connects directly to the energy of the Earth and aligns the energy with the meridians and chakras within your body and the ley lines and the grid lines of the Earth.

Cosmic Dragon Healing Training Program

Cosmic Dragon Elemental Energy Attunement

The Dragon Elemental Energy Attunement has been conducted annually since 2010. This is a one-day Attunement workshop conducted in February each year. The attunement consists of an energetic and spiritual process of attuning to a specific element through the activation of the kundalini and working through the chakra system. This Attunement is a continual 5-year plan of learning and evolving and attuning to the Dragon Elemental Energy which will eventually lead you on to the Path of Liberation. The 5 elements are Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. More information…

Cosmic Dragon Healing Training

This is a new comprehensive healing program which will be rolled out in 2020. This training program consists of an introductory session and then nine levels of attainment and activation. The training will be conducted as a series of workshops with additional assignments to completed at each level to meet the requirements of the training program.

This healing program is facilitated by Janine Donnellan who has been working with Dragon Energy for over 20 years, initially working with Weather Magick but then over the years developing a system of Dragon Healing using Earth energy and Dragon Fire. In 2010 Janine introduced the annual Dragon Attunement workshop and has now also developed this new healing system called Cosmic Dragon Healing. Click here for more information about Janine.