House Clearing Workshop

How often do you feel on edge or angry or emotional? Sometimes, what you are feeling could be due to a build up of negative energy in your home or work space. At this workshop you will learn how to change the environment of your space so that the energy around you is positive and calming.

At this workshop you will learn how to clear negative or stagnant energetic ‘imprints’ built up over the years from the accumulation of day to day living and from previous occupants. You will also learn some techniques of how to remove unwanted entities that may be attached to your home. This is a fun afternoon where you will be given practical solutions to your problems.

This workshop is facilitated by Janine Donnellan who is the founder of SOuL Searchers Centre for Paranormal Research & Investigation & SOL Illumination and has over 25 years of house clearing experience.

Where: JOPO Feng Shui Crystals — Shop1, 1-3 Revesby Place, Revesby NSW 2212. (Parking available at car park at Winders Ln, Revesby – a 5 minute walk via Winders Ln and Simmons St — see map)
Date: Sunday 7th July, 2019
Time: 1.30pm – 3:30pm
Cost: $70 (includes notes)

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